IPhone and Malay Learning

Dear All

What i find interesting about the use of iphone is the speed and intensity in maintaining asynchronous learning.

While it is encouraging for me to reply and receive responses on Malay learning is it the same for you?

Many of you might have received quick replies from my iphone.  Does it help in your learning?


Please let me know if it is an interesting or not so interesting asynchronous experience.

Would you want a slower rate of responding or does it spurt more interest to learn Malay?

Why so or why not so? Please use the comment capacity below to suggest any thing you may have in mind.


Your suggestions will help me to decide if I:

shall renew my contract with the Iphone supplier;

shall continue to use Iphone to check queries regularly;

shall space out the time in responding to queries, say a day later, assuming slower response is better learning. But let me know how so.


Ribuan Terima kasih






5 thoughts on “IPhone and Malay Learning

  1. I like the iphone function. Not sure about the rest of the class, but I feel that it’s better than worrying about whether the lecturer will reply anot.

    The speed is fine. Personally, I like the fast replies, cuz for consultations and other time-related stuff, it really simplifies matters. For questions, it clarifies out doubts faster. For example, when we are having trouble with our malay learning, we would want to get our doubts clarified asap instead of waiting one day later and risk forgetting what we want to ask.

    Terima Kasih Cikgu!

    P.S Are you going to teach Malay 2 next sem?

  2. Terima kasih Jieyi

    The planning is decided by the Convenor.

    Perhaps you can check with her.

    You can find her details under the Staff section of CLS website.

    Selamat pagi

  3. It’s definitely helpful in learning when I receive a quick reply from you. Quick replies allow me to clarify and learn better without too many doubts lingering in my mind.

    Haha continue with the i-phone? I thinking of getting one too.

  4. I think you are the only lecturer so far that replies within minutes. haha

    I think it is always a good thing for fast replies since it allows us to clear our queries on the spot and it’s almost like a face-to-face interaction.

    For me, as long as the reply is within a day, i feel it wouldn’t hamper learning too much.

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