Kata-kata Akhir (Final words)

Selamat petang kepada semua pelajar LAM1201


1. Jangan buang masa dalam peperiksaan kerana anda hanya ada 2 jam

With only 2hrs, please allocate the time wisely so that you do not over spend time on a particular section.


2. Belajar rajin-rajin

Practice the basic terms so that you can express well in written.


3.  Berhati-hati

Becareful with the peculiarities of Malay such as classifier, preposition for time and human references so that a text would read in a more eloquent manner to the satisfaction of Malay grammar system.


4. Terima kasih

It has been a pleasure to collaborate in teaching and learning with all of you.  The learning moments were well captured with the joys of learning that would be unimaginable without your arrivals and keen participations.  Be it the visuals, the digital narratives, the words or the semiotic actions or the face-to-face and group discussions, not a single episode was dull for myself. 


Jyh Wee, 9 Apr. 2010




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