Saya Pernah….Awak pernah juga?

Dear all

An interesting learning experience about kata bantu (modal word) transpired in the verbal interaction this week.

The modals in an exercise were established as providers of a future reference.  Hence mesti (must), hendak (Want), mahu (want) fit nicely to the future scope. However, pernah (have ever) seems to stick out like a sore thumb with a past. Let’s see:

Saya pernah pergi ke Amsterdam. I have ever been to Amsterdam.

The phrase has a past to present reading as the fact remains that Saya may claim that Amsterdam is a place he visited in anytime of his life. 

The future becomes prominent in pernah with rumah tangga

Mimi pernah berumah tangga.  Mimi has ever married.

The Malay sentence reads that Mimi has a marrital experience but no longer so presently.

We may claim that all the kata bantu on p. 32 (or was it p. 31) has a future reading with pernah referring to the current-future based on a reference to the past.

Dia pernah merokok  S/he has ever smoked

Hence, the reading of the Malay phrase is that S/he has had a puffing experience although she is no longer smoking.



Kita tahu semua dalam Bahasa Melayu

Terima kasih, seronok belajar bahasa



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