Pertanyaan Pelajar-pelajar

Selamat Pagi

Ini soalan daripada pelajar pada hari Jumaat:

Moderated for learning purposes

1.  Go to his new place: Pergi ke tempat barunya

2. Yesterday: kelmarin or semalam

3. Can the language be informal?  A few words like mau and tak are fine. Using proper sentences is the norm. 

Whenever emphasising on something use full forms: Tidak mahu lagi!  Kita jangan jumpa lagi!

4. How to say have to? Use the word must: See Lecture for next Monday on future reference.

5. Jetskiing: luncur air 

6. Jellyfish: obor-obor 

7.  Cactus:  Kaktus

8. Air-con: penghawa dingin

 9. Amazing: Mengagumkan (please add Wah! and all the exaggeration)

 10. At the corner of the road: di simpang tepi jalan

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