Soalan Pelajar-pelajar Saya

These are some questions over the weekend reproduced for learning purposes:

1.  When do we need to add ‘ber’ in front of a word and when do we don’t need to? eg, bermain and main, berjalan and jalan. What are the differences? Thanks.

Ans.  Assuming you have seen the lecture slides, we use ber in standard Malay at all times.  For formal Malay education whenever ber- can be used it should be used. The diff is berjalan is more educated than Jalan 

He eat vs He eats is not different in terms of meaning but shows a diff in the level of proficiency of the users.

I must add that I am not so strict with prefix at level one so both can be used in written Malay

2. Why for living room and dining room we use the word space: Ruang and not Bilik? In such case, would it be possible if we use the Bilik tamu for “guest  room”?

Ans. Yes bilik tamu is fine. Both can be used but imagine that the dinning area is actually a space unless u really have room to go into to have each meal.  Do u open and close door to get lunch and dinner?

3.  Secondly, in your lecture last week, in slide 17, its mentioned the a parrot is burung nuri. Is it different from Burong [sic] Kakak Tua?

Burung kakak Tua is a sub-type from the parrot family, it is called cockatoo in English. Nuri is smaller and less vicious of the species

 4. Selamat malam Cikgu! May I know what is tie-dye called in malay? (1.09 am):

Dye is pewarna,  tie is tali (rope) leher (neck) [1.19 am] 


Akhirnya saya habis semua kerja saya.

Jangan rasa sedih apabila semua kerja datang begitu cepat

semua akan berlalu dengan cepat juga





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