Inserting: Cindai (silk cloth with golden embroidery)

Cindai a Malay song with traditional flavour has won numerous awards.

Some of the words said by the singer (ranked 2nd in Asia after Jay Chou by MTV Asia) are descernible.

Here’s Cindai with lyrics

Understandable words in the lyrics

seribu [one thousand]

hendak [want]

jangan  [don’t]

ku  [I]

Bukan [not]

Tidak  [not]

tinggi  [tall]

hati   [heart]

rasa  [feel/feeling]


Despite or due to its Malayness in Cindai, a mandarin version had been produced in Taiwan:


Tolong tulis ayat bahasa Melayu pertama dalam lagu ini pada Komen-Blog.



4 thoughts on “Inserting: Cindai (silk cloth with golden embroidery)

  1. janganlah jangan jangan ku hiba
    (Don’t don’t don’t me?) lol! What’s hiba?

    derita hati jangan di kenang

    (suffering heart don’t in sight?)

    • Hiba is sorrow

      Kenang is remember or kept in mind

      Di is a passive marker hence

      Suffering not to be retained in mind

      Sent from my iPhone

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