Tutorial 0.45 hour in Week 5

Ini apa? Siapa hendak main dengan mereka?

Dear All

For my tutorial B week 5 I cannot fit p. 48 in my 45-minute planning. 

I shall blog the new addition below although you had learnt these in the lectures:

adik-beradik = siblings

Abang = elder brother

Kakak = elder sister

adik perempuan = younger sister

adik lelaki = younger brother

tidak ada adik-beradik = does not have sibling

Pekerjaan [jobs]

bekerja sebagai = work as

belajar/pelajar = study/student

guru = teacher

Apa alamat anda? What is your address

Anda tinggal di mana? Where do you stay?

Please make use of the phrases as conversation points rather than memorizing them.

Blogging this portion allows for the tutorial to be more qualitatively enhanced, otherwise we will be rushing to complete the content quantitatively.




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