Selamat petang

Cikgu hendak kata-kata pada hari ini

Hari ini hari apa?

Hari ini hari Sabtu.

Esok hari Ahad.

Adakah blog itu kerja?

Ya, blog bahasa itu kerja.


Tuliskan kata-kata dalam bahasa Melayu

Bukan, blog itu main-main.

Siapa kata blog main-main?

Pelajar boleh belajar bahasa.


Sila baca dan tolong komen di blog ini.

Cikgu mahu pergi ke Jalan Orchard.


Ada berapa orang dalam gambar ini?

Anda hendak datang?

Berapa orang?

Awak datang bila?

Siapa pergi ke Sentosa di selatan Singapura?


Pulau ini di Selatan Singapura

Jumpa lagi



5 thoughts on “Selamat petang

  1. Cikgu Sew,
    I can make out the individual words but i don’t understand some of the sentences. Such as the first line, and the parts about the blog.

  2. I replied via a smart phone last nite, eyes wide shut

    Now with eyes wide open, the first line meant:

    The teacher wanted to provide some spoken words on the day the blog entry was posted.

    Which part of the entry that wasn’t clear please specify.

    The whole entry was delimited to words you had learnt hence less expansive and expressive than it would be…

    terima kasih

    • Betul [correct] dan bagus [great job].

      *berlaja is wrongly spelt.

      Cikgu tidak pergi ke Orchard
      Mahallah barang-barangnya.

      selamat pagi

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