Kata-Kata di Tutorial

Ini apa? Apa nama kenderaan ini?

Here are some of the words that came from the students during Tutorials A and/or B

Pisang = banana

Nanas = pineapple


“What are these”

papan putih (white board )

kek (cake)

cek (cheque)

butik (boutique)

friends (kawan-kawan or teman-teman)

male friend (kawan lelaki or sahabat lelaki)


Why is Bagaimana dengan awak hari ini necessary when we have apa khabar as they both meant the same thing?

Apa khabar is a casual form of greeting which is suitable even for strangers

Bagaimana dengan awak hari ini is a more conscientious way of asking one’s well being especially useful in counselling, tender, loving and care situations at home, or simply displaying attentiveness for a person more than a quick ceremonial act.

For clarification

-kah may be equivalent to isn’t it

Dia Ahmadkah ? > He is Ahmad isn’t he?

Awak Junkah? > You are Jun aren’t you?

Ya, saya Jun. or

Bukan, saya bukan Jun, saya Julai.








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