Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 1:00 AM

Selamat pagi Cikgu Sew, I’m from LAM1201 and I’ve a few queries that I would like to clarify.

1) I saw blogging as part of the CA in the requirements. How should we go about doing this and when should we start?

 Blogging will be a part of lecture after the sem. break following which students will begin the project and submit it to the tutor at the stipulated time. (Please see the updated schedule in IVLE)

2) I’ve heard friends using the word “bagus”. What is the difference betwwen “bagus” and “baik”?

Baik is good

Bagus is good, great, well done and all positive meanings.

Both are adjective and because of the similarity in meaning they tend to be interchangeable.

However in standard Malay things can be made different although lay persons may not be particular about it.

For example:

 Nasi ayam ini bagus (This chicken rice is great) sounds better than baik as baik typically refers to the character:

Orang ini baik. This person is good.

Orang ini bagus. This person is great.

For his prowess as a world record holder in athletics, we can say

Encik Usain Bolton bagus!


So a short answer baik is good and bagus is good and many other positive meanings.

Baik tend to have a limited scope whereas bagus has a wider scope of reference in the positive realm.

“Baik” when uttered in response to a request means “OK /Alright”.



2 thoughts on “Queries

  1. Hi Cikgu,

    I am a little confused about pelajar and belajar, which were both used in the powerpoint slides, especially it seems that both are referring to students. Can you please clarify the difference? Terima kasih.


    • Dear Chiat Yee

      Pelajar = students
      Belajar = study
      the examples in the slides are:

      Sam pelajar Fakulti Sains > Sam is a student of the Science Faculty
      Sam pelajar Universiti Nasional Singapura > Sam is an NUS student.

      Mereka belajar di mana?
      Where are they studying?

      Any better?

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