LAM1201 Lecture 1

Terima kasih, awak datang hari ini

Dear All

If you come to the lecture the above phrase should be comprehensible.

The words appeared in the lecture slides and you should do some searching as home work if your comprehension is still in the comprehending phase.


Here are some phrases appeared through my dramatics and discussion

“Engkau! Baik!” “You are Good” a mother saying to her child upon entering a Home.

However, “Engkau Baik” is straight forward when the teammate scored a goal.  Context is the main pointer.

Tengah Hari (mid day > afternoon)











 Cik (ms/ miss)

Nama (name)

Ini (this)



Provide meaning for these words:



Teluk (current spelling)

Batuk (current spelling)



Did you know that Timah is a common personal name? 

What is the gender of Timah?

Please use an address term for Timah after greeting her good evening.  

_______  _________ ____ Timah (refer to slide 24 for revision)


Terima kasih, jumpa lagi……



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