Dear All

For those enquiring on LAM 2201, they should contact the convenor who will be offering the module fully.


I shall be handling LAM1201 come next Monday…

Here’s another feedback from Ms JJG on 7 Jan 09 @232am:

Dear Cikgu,


Maaf for the late reply!!!…Hope my reply is still helpful! =)

1.       If blogging the project with a picture is worth the learning trouble? Why yes or no

I think that blogging with a picture is necessary and also effective for beginners like us. It also adds some “life” to our blog. Having a picture to begin with during blogging, it actually serve as a guide for us to use descriptive words in the blog and allow us to draw ideas into the blog content. Afterall, I remember having similar method while having language lessons during our primary school years. It has shown to be effective and thus I believe that pictures in a blog is definitely useful. Furthermore, with a picture in the blog, the blog would not seem so monotone and readers are able to have a rough idea of what the blog is about even before they start to read. It makes blogging more lively and enjoyable!


2.       If is necessary? Why yes or no

Definitely necessary~! =D I think that this has been a very helpful and enriching platform to learn a new language. It is also very convenient for students as we are able to access the information as and when required or at our free time. The content has been structured in a very neat way and it has always been fun to read the blog!


3.       What do U like to see more or less in the blog…

Perhaps more excercises can be put up so as to facilitate our learning further. I think learning a language through songs is also very efficient! Hope to see more of such interactive links! Lastly, I think the blog has been pretty sufficient! Like it the way it is now! =D

That’s all Cikgu! Wishing you all the best in 2010!


Terima kasih, cikgu

“Jika ditanya tentang cinta…

macam-macamlah jawapannya…” 2007


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