Greetings from Marquis

Glad to receive this note from the Marquis family on the second day of new year:

Dear Jyh Sew,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and to thank you for your continued support of Marquis Who’s Who.

As a member of the Marquis Who’s Who family, you play a key role in upholding a tradition of excellence that spans more than a century, one that can be proudly shared with family, friends, and colleagues.

Only with your participation, and the careful review of your biographical information, are we able to produce accurate and up-to-date publications, relied upon by many of the world’s most prestigious libraries and corporations.

We’re honored to have you as a biographee, and wish you continued success in 2010.


Fred Marks, Editor-in-Chief
and the entire Marquis Who’s Who team


Marquis Who’s Who
890 Mountain Ave
New Providence, NJ 07974 USA

Copyright (C) 2009. Marquis Who’s Who LLC. All rights reserved.


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