Saat-saat Klasik

Ada banyak saat-saat gembira membaca blog pelajar saya:

Ini merupakan contoh-contoh yang saya masih ingat:

“Walaupun hari itu hujan kami masih keluar mencari makan

mencari makan = make a living

mencari makanan = look for food

Making a living even if it rains with a pic of the person overseas may generate misreading.

“Saya mahu berseronok di negara lain.”

Having fun berseronok is unlike fun painting, reading, singing, exercising etc. alone because berseronok may involve others e.g. bercakap, berkawan, bergaduh and fun is not encouraged in the Asia mindset. A Mandarin proverb says extreme fun grows sorrow.

Berseronok is to be specified about fun:  Saya rasa seronok bermain guitar dengan kawan-kawan saya di tepi pantai.  

“Showing a video with rapid moving scenes of location at night with Transformer’s theme song may trigger CSI-related thoughts.”

Three repairs: 

lower the intensity of the music or replace it with one of a lighter mood,

capture the same sceneries during day time,

and zoom in on each monument to enhance its awe.

I recall these learning bytes with no recollection of their creators. 

They make me feel seronok while checking the assignment drafts during the two-week grace period for consulting on digital forms.

To end the whole LAM1201 for 2009: 

Selamat Tahun Baru dan minta maaf kalau saya tersalah kata dan tersilap laku.

Notice the difference between the use of

hari lahir vs. hari jadi….

There are typos in the slides because the creator of the clip played by ear:

*Terimah Kaseh is spelt incorrectly but all of you know better, right?

*belatih > belati

*kerna > kerana


“Ku membaca tiap baris…”


Response from Ms MXT on 30 Dec 2009 @1219am

Dear Cikgu,

If blogging the project with a picture is worth the learning trouble? Why yes or no

Blogging the project allows one to express one’s thoughts into basic Malay words, at his own convenience. In the process of penning down, editing and re-writing, one can accessed and re-accessed the language structure, the content, and such learning promotes independent learning and leaves a deeper impression. The picture facilitates both writing and reading. The picture allows one to focus on a specific event and hence more focused in our writing as well.

If is necessary? Why yes or no

I think Malayjournal1.wordpress is necessary as it provides a convenient platform for students to learn things that are not taught in lectures/tutorials (i.e. more Malay vocabulary and their usage). It also allows students to be more aware of the practical usage of Malay language in life, e.g in signboards and songs etc and this makes learning Malay more interesting and applicable. Moreover, information can be disseminated quickly as they can be assessed without much hassle.

What do you like to see more or less in the blog?

I would definitely like to see more examples of Malay language being used in ways that are applicable to our daily lives. In addition, I think it would be helpful if the blog can highlight some common mistakes or controversy over the usage of Malay language.  Besides songs, other sources of learning Malay language (appropriate tv programme/storybook) could be recommended to students to promote further learning of the language.

Lastly, i enjoyed going to your classes. Thank you for your guidance!:D


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