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For future reference on inserting a video clip

1.  Go to second icon following Upload

2. Click on From URL

3. Paste the  digital address link of the video

4. Click Insert

Let see if this works with Pink’s very soothing I don’t believe you

Here are more kata-kata daripada dua orang pelajar

From Ms CYC on 25 Dec 2009 @ 1221 am

Here are my thoughts…

1. Is blogging the project with a picture is worth the learning trouble? Why yes or no

Having a picture to narrow down the scope of what you’re going to write about is good and specific, but it restricts creativity and imagination. A picture would help those who are clueless about what to write about, but maybe a one word topic title would be better? At least we get to see different perspectives regarding a certain topic? Cikgu, perhaps you could ask students to blog weekly?

At least it tracks their progress, and not just a one-off blog post which may be aided by their malay friends…

2.       If is necessary? Why yes or no

I feel that the Malayjournal blog was pretty useful…at least there was a common platform to reach out to students

that are all from the different tutorial classes, it can be used to inform us of mistakes in the coursepack or any important

announcements. The exercises and practices posted on the malay blog were rather challenging and fun too. But I find that I

don’t visit it very frequently…I believe if Cikgu were to put a mark weightage on blog participation, more people would be

active on the blog…we are very pratical, typical singaporean students who are soooo crazy over marks right? haha.

3.       What do U like to see more or less in the blog…

I hope that Cikgu can introduce more Malay songs in there! Often, people learn better with media…

Maybe recommend some shows that we can watch too! Perhaps a vocabulary improvement section where you introduce

one new malay word a day, with the meaning and how to use it?

Anyway, thank you Cikgu for you guidance in LAM1201. It was a pleasure to be taught by you!

And I’m really really sorry about the extremely late reply and hope that my views are a help to you! Regards,

From Ms DNX on 26 Dec 2009 @527pm

Firstly I would like to thank you so much for your effort in guilding us throughout the module. This is absolutely the best module which I ever took in NUS. I’m thinking about taking Malay language level 2 next semester, will you be around also?

About the blogging project I personally feel it is very good as I can do it in my free time, and it doesn’t give lots of pressure like midterm test/writing test (I think NUS has already done a very good job in keeping us stress all the time). Putting pictures to the blog makes me feel easier to be creative and try to give my best to the project.

Malayjournal blog is helpful too as it is the platform which allows student to interact and ask the question which they forget/don’t want to ask in class. Moreover, I agree with Mr J. O. post on 12 Dec. that facebook will be a better choice than wordpress as it allows people to group and have other nice features which keep everybody entertained as well. In addition I believe that there are a lot of us students do check their facebook everyday even more frequent than mailbox (such as me for example).

I visited the blog but I really don’t know where to post so I sent an email to you instead. I’m really sorry if it bother you. Once again thank you for everything.

Terima Kasih, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cikgu,


One thought on “Pemberita > Wartawan > Paparazzi

  1. Hello

    2 requests that this goes on to Facebook. The problem with facebook is that it makes learning trivial. Besides, the hyper linking of friends of the user might land the journal into too wide an audience whom actually does not appreciate Malay language learning.

    We shall keep the journal in WordPress for genuine users rather than in the face of every frenz of the user/learner(s).

    That the idea of facebook was reportedly taken advantage of and compensation was reportedly paid to its origins feed a reluctance.


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