Kata-kata daripada beberapa orang pelajar

From Mr J. O., 12 Dec. 09 @940pm

If blogging the project with a picture is worth the learning trouble? Why yes or no

  1. The  picture would be a useful feature to enable us to use descriptive words and nouns to describe a picture. Without this as a starting point, bloggers would have a more difficult time in trying to convey the message/feelings. This feature should continue to be a requirement in staring a learning blog. With regards to the trouble, I think personal pictures/recent photos might be a hurdle for some of us who do not have the habit of taking photos.


  3. If Malayjournal1.wordpress.com is necessary? Why yes or no


  5. I think the blog serves as an information portal and some sort of “learning site” because the content/language within has been “quality checked”.

  6. My suggestion on how to boost this is to incorporate this into Facebook. This form of communication site can easy to use and interactive as photo can be incorporated, with people making comments (able to be identified). Maybe setting up a group within facebook can promote the learning of the malay language since there is not need for scripts or softwares.


  8. What do U like to see more or less in the blog…


  10. I suggest making the blog a journal, right from the start of the course, rather than a segment halfway in the term. This can encourage us to practice communicating. If facebook would be used, it will encourage learners to use their leisure time to practice, further sharpening our malay language.


  12. I also suggest that the course incorporate more signage, advertisements and road signs and packaging wrappers which have malay words. This could be an exercise/project. This would make us more sensitive to the surrounding environments/malay words. I recently visited JB after learning malay, I am able to recognize and understand the adverts, signages, signs used in the supermarket, restaurants and even understand stranger’s conversation. As a value add, I think Mediacorp Suria has some programme (I can’t remember the name) about neighbours. The subtitles and dialogue are relatively less complex, good for beginners.


  14. I hope you will find the feedback useful  Overall, the course is informative and useful to Singaporean  Cheers

From Ms TYX  on 13 Dec 2009 @ 214 pm

Hello cikgu,

I personally feel that the blogging project isn’t that effective for learning. perhaps we could do more composition writing in class.  and yes! the blog is really useful and i learnt alot from it. also thanks to you for always updating it (:

From Ms JJ 15 Dec. 2009 @858 pm

Apa khabar Cikgu,

I think having the malay blog was a good idea! personally I’m an avid blogger so blogging in Malay was something familiar and yet totally different for me. I think having the picture posted helps as well because it forces the student to elaborate specifically on the picture and there are less chances to cheat. However, perhaps creating a wordpress account for everyone might not be very feasible because I doubt the rest will continue to use it even after blogging in Malay.  That’s all, hope it was useful.

From Ms VC 16 Dec. 2009@ 438pm

Hello Cikgu Sew!


Sorry for the late reply, haven’t been checking the nus mail during the holidays.

1. Blogging with pictures is helpful as it facilitates bringing out the point that the blog entry is trying to make. Also, it provides some visuals so that the entry is not just filled with words, which is sometimes a turn-off to some because they may not bother reading through a wordy post. Overall, the blogging project is an interesting experience and it is an assignment that defies the conventional (pen and paper assignments, essays etc.) and one which we can do at our own time own target.

2. Malayjournal1 is useful because extra information about the language can be found there. Also, it serves as an alternative platform (other than the nus mail) when information needs to be disseminated to the masses. In addition, the resource is always there for us and we can access it as and when we like it.

3. The blog is already very good the way it is now, with the regular updates and maintenance. I particularly like posts with translations of english phrases to malay as it enables me to learn more new malay words.

From Ms YLH 18 Dec. 2009 @936am

Hi, cikgu Sew.  Here are my personal opinions.

I find blogging with a picture a very good method to learn the language. It is definitely worth the trouble because blogging itself is a wonderful avenue that most of us are proficient and interested in. I like the idea very much and believe most of them will agree with me. I also agree with you that the flexibility of blogging is a plus point when it comes to learning the language.

To me, the use of picture, in particular, enhance the entire learning process instead of making it more cumbersome because afterall, it provides us with a topic to write on.

Malayjournal1.wordpress.com is useful because we can clarify doubts and learn more about the language. It definitely benefits those who want to do beyond Malay 1.

Lastly, I think the content in the malay blog is sufficient.  Thank you for coaching us.

From Mr FZY 20 Dec 2009 @955am

Selamat Malam Cikgu,

Blogging the project  with a picture was worth the effort. The assignment allowed me to understand the language better and at the same time express my creativity.

Malayjournal1.wordpress.com is a novel way of achieving the learning objectives.

I would definitely like to see more in the blog.

Thank You for your kind guidance and interesting lessons cikgu.  Terima Kasih, Jumpa Lagi!

From Ms Vv C 21 Dec 2009 @ 954am

1. Yes. it is definitely a good way of learning. the time is flexible and it allow us to practice our sentence structure and paragraph writing. (:2. yes. so that additional information can be shared and if there’s no time to cover certain part of the lesson during lecture or tutorial, this is a platform for us to gain that information.3. more vocab words that is useful for us and the way malay sentences are phrased. (:   Best regards,


From Mr LSR 21 Dec. 2009 @957am

…Anyway, I feel that the blogging was useful.. with extra info and things being mentioned there, it’s a little extra other than the conventional lessons. However, I feel that blogging on the students’ part could be increased a notch. As in, other than writing the 80-word essay, perhaps there could be an assignment perhaps every 2-3weeks or so, since lessons for Malay I is on every week. The assignment could be a short essay or thoughts of the student, based on what he/she has learnt.. this could help with practicing as well..? and also maybe short videos which are comprehensible could be added.. perhaps funny ones, since most of us learnt through things that are interesting and capture our attention, rather than a dry object. The short comedy movie clip that Cik showed us during lecture helped us grasp some of the words we learnt and understand how words were being used.. I feel.

Thanks Cikgu.

From Mr CJJ 22 Dec. 2009 @954am

Hi Cikgu Sew

First of all I’am very happy to be in your tutorial slot and have loved every single session of tutorial learning Malay Language in a funn and fruitful learning environment. Deeply appreciate you passion to teach and sense of humor =)

As for you data compilation regarding the 3 questions you asked above, I would like to input my views on them =)

1)The blogging with a picture was a good way to learn. Personally i was worried at first, because I have never blog before, so the idea of blogging and posting something wasn’t very comfortable for me. However, there is always a first time to everything, so well, blogging was a pretty interesting part of the tutorial part for me. And the idea of making us to write out a passage of our thoughts in Malay was really necessary as other than lectures and tutorials, we do not have much “reason” to practice the language, so well, yes, it is necessary to impose blogging exercise in this module =)

See full size image

2)Malayjournal1.wordpress.com, was a very interesting website for me too! in short its like “daily malay”, a touch of malay a day kind of approach, i will visit it almost once every night. It was an eye-opener, and of cause all of us are very greatful for the hardwork on your side to post them online =). Thumbs Up! it is necessary =)

3)Well, i would like to see more “funny” approach or answers or how people reply to simple malay questions. Like bloopers for movies, I would like to see bloopers for malay language just to make learning another language fun and interesting =)

That’s my views on the questions =)

Once again I would like to show my sincere gratitude to you, Cikgu Sew to make my language learning a very pleasant and enjoyable semester =) Wish you the very best in everything and keep that attitude up and teach! you’ve got it all =)    Terima Kasih


From Ms LFH 24 Dec. 2009 @ 1222am

Helo Cikgu,

First i think the blogging project isn’t too much of a hassle. And it helps us to phrase some of our thoughts and hence facilitates the use of malay in a sense.Its also much easier for anyonecoming from different backgrounds to have something to talk about. Hence i believe it shld be continued.

However, i think that  Malayjournal1.wordpress.com is not necessary. THis is because creating an account just for one blog is very waste of internet pages.. if there is such thing as waste in tt sense.haha. WordPress would soon have overwelming number of users who just signed up just to blog perhaps once but if they are lucky, the user blogs subsequently after the assignment is submitted. i think that blogging should be such a way that students has the freedom to submit the blog via NUSemail too.

What do U like to see more or less in the blog…

 seems enough eh.. 🙂 By the way, Cikgu Sew, Thanks so much for making all the lessons really interesting.. and i’m very happy.. :):) yea  

Terimah KAsih!

Speechless written for bapa Cik Gaga

she reminded her fans to treat the parents well


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