Spot the mistaken Malay phrases

Dear All

Glad that many like it here…

Please feel free to guess at some mistakes in the comment machinery.





  “…Not sure what it means…”

Paparazzi by Lady GaGa July 2009

Lady Gaga, Source:


One thought on “Spot the mistaken Malay phrases

  1. Did anyone notice the grammar difference between pic 2 and pic 3?

    I read pic 2 as a passenger per normal and it didn’t strike me as odd as i have chinese (grammar)-self to deal with it

    As I saw pic 3 in the other train my mind start to boggle as my Malay (grammar)-self starts to ask why two different sentence structures trying to convey the same message…

    So which is which? It is not difficult given you learn ber- in

    to name but a few as per your slides and reading material.

    “H-ooow?…Why you so speechless? Oh oh ohhhh” Speechless,
    written by Cik Gaga, 2009 for her father during his heart surgery.

    The song reminds the young fans to appreciate their parents while they still could…

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