Vocab Booster

“Sanggup berkorban apa saja
Lebih baik cinta pada yang esa” Cinta 2007


9 thoughts on “Vocab Booster

  1. Dear Cikgu Sew,
    I hope this is the correct place to respond to your email!

    With regards to our blogging experience:
    1) I felt it was a good experience trying to form sentences and tell a story. Blog or not, it is certainly a good practice. While blogging gave the added benefit of doing it at our own time, editing as we learn as well as sharing with everyone~

    2) As for this blog that have been actively monitored, maintained and updated, there are really good sources of references that we can come back to as and whenever we are free. 🙂

    3) Nothing in particular. I find all the daily stuff that has been posted already quite relevant and interesting at our level. 🙂

    Have a nice day to all~

    Terima Kasih!

    • Terima kasih Wee Boon

      Bagus sekali boleh jumpa di blog ha ha ha…

      Teruskan kerja anda untuk menolong orang-orang yang istimewa….

      “…macam-macamlah jawapannya” sorry still with the 2007 song

      selamat petang

  2. Saya minta maaf. Saya bercuti di Shanghai dan tidak membaca e-mel cikgu.

    I find blogging a very refreshing experience because I’ve been anticipating such e-learning experience in class ever since I saw primary schools and tertiary schools using IT as a teaching tool as early as secondary school days. I find that colleges are slow in uptaking such e-learning practice. Nevertheless, blogging certainly helped me learn my mistakes in a fast and efficient manner – since teacher and students don’t meet up face-to-face every day, blogging makes the meet up available almost hourly.

    Blogging with a picture helps us learn how to describe a picture or come up with a story, which I find it’s a very useful tool.

    The blog: malayjournal1.wordpress.com is necessary to me, because I pick up last minute changes to texts and clarifications. However, some may find it troublesome, or do not have a habit of reading blogs.

    Finally, I’d like to see more examples of correction of mistakes in students’ work and less changes to the blog page style as they affect previous blog formats.

    Terima Kasih kepada Cikgu. 🙂

    Daripada Zheng Cong

    • Ha Ha Ha

      Kenapa tak boleh tukar? Mesti pakai baju baru tiap-tiap hari kan?

      Now you see the kan here is actually (bu)kan…meaning the typically isn’t it in English…

      Papa paparazzi sorry still a little ga ga…

      • haha… boleh, boleh… just that some older posts like those with tables or pictures, they will be shifted and some maybe not able to read when the new format is applied. yup, just a little suggestion 😛

        Some Lady Gaga videos for you, cikgu hahaha:

      • Ya saya pun rasa sedih

        The external commentator said my blog has no flower or colour.

        Maaf lah this is a social media so kita mesti bersosial dengan orang lain….

        Tak apa saya akan tukar baju minggu depan….kalau tak nampak beritahu saya

        Cikgu nak makan malam…jumpa lagi lain kali ya

  3. Selamat petang Cikgu Sew,

    1. I think blogging is an interactive and fun way of learning and is different from the usual projects. Since many people blog nowadays, it is rather easy to pick up and doesn’t take up much time and trouble. It is certainly better with a picture as it serves as a starting point and makes the experience more interesting.

    2. This blog is quite useful as it contains extra information and vocab not taught during lectures and tutorials. Also, it is impossible to cover everything during class so it is good to have a platform to update us with changes and extra information.

    3. Content-wise, I think the current entries are quite adequate. The only thing that bothers me is the colour of the font as its too bright and gives me a headache sometimes. I don’t think this is a huge problem for most people though. 😀

    Terima kasih! 🙂

  4. OMG Cikgu tidak tahu Jasmine pening kerana warna yang cantik.

    There are 2 reasons why it is colourful:

    1. The brain is stimulated with different colour pixels hence I thought it widens whatever needed to be widen (visual capacity, memory span or simply interest) for learning sake.

    2. Some external reader commented that the blog was pretty dull in appearance hence I went all out to colour it and didn’t know end up to gaga.

    Any way, those who read this please let me know if the colours were too bright, glaring or nice or ugly or distracting or fascinating…

    Terima kasih Jasmine

    Selamat bercuti dan kepada semua yang baca dan balas blog selamat Hari Natal…X’mas is a time to share the joy regardless of faith…

    Papa paparazzi..sorry still in the ga ga…mood

  5. Terima kasih saya sedang dengar lagu cik ga ga sekarang

    Dia sangat pandai dan berbakat (talented)

    …you left me speechless…

    anda tinggalkan saya hingga tidak terkata-kata…

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