Summary of Blog Journals

Belajar Setiap Hari

Belajar Setiap Hari


45 online journals had been read and assessed:


The multiple intelligences were 70% linguistic namely Malay intelligence and 30% multimodal namely visual-aesthetic and interpersonal intelligences.


The narratives match the digital forms although some had better stories but weak visual and collegial support whereas other shows interesting pictures or video clips but the narrative could better describe the visual.


A good journal should have a presentable picture that highlight the story, with another form either pic or video to enhance the story.


Believable stories may contain few embedded information allowing the main idea to flow in each sentence.  What is not told in a phrase could come next or before in the following or preceding phrase accentuating the flow.


The questions raised while marking the journal are partly recorded simultaneously in the previous journal entry.


The whole experience is awestruck:


A: Awareness on the learners to express correctly in basic written Malay structures.


W: Ways to visualise differently with the text.


E: Engaging stories with nice illustrations or captivating illustration along with the lines.


S: Surprise that there is good reflections and that a simple picture have interesting things behind it.


T: Thoughtful of the Malay bloggers in putting different modalities together to show serious, fun, and sad information.


R: Reflective of the Malay bloggers to draw strength and humility from the story making process.


U: Union of the narrators with his, her or their environs both immediate and further afield.


C: Cultural exchanges moving toward conservation as well as transformation were recorded.


K: Knowledge in Malay and other formats are being developed online.


jumpa lagi hari esok



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