Interesting Mis-take

Membuat tanglung

Membuat tanglung


buat = make

me + buat > membuat = to do

memuat = me + muat

muat  = to fit

memuat = fitting something in or on

tidak baik dengan = not good with

tidak baik pada = not good to or abusive

buat percubaan = do experiment

cuba = try (which is easier to do)

the length of the comment is an indicator of your practice or the lack of it.

please put in the necessary measure for essay writing in the assessment.

keep the thoughts worded in simple phrases with the vocabulary in the print material.

kenang = to recall

kenangan = memories

mengenangkan (without an object) is not memorable but to submerge

tidak dapat dilupakan = unforgetable (a better bet)

please do not be too ambitious with a sentence.

break them into smaller units of thought, or risk incomprehensibility

Kita was used but how come I was not part of the fun?

menyambut was used to mean welcome WHY? what happened to Selamat Datang….?

Sini is broken written Malay > Di sini  

orang is the classifier for person; seorang = a person

ekor is the classifier for animal

didn’t know blogging could be messy…tsk, tsk, tsk… what else to do???!!!



Commas give the writer the pleasure of embedding extended information to his confused readers.



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