Mengapa mereka gembira?

Mengapa mereka rasa riang?

I’d like to validate that the two Malay why-words are interchangeable to my mind.

 Here are some telling findings:

1. Kenapa perempuan mudah menangis?

(Why women cry easily? asking for a reason)

2. Kenapa komputer saya mati saat loading windows?

(Why my computer dies when loading windows? asking for a reason)

3. Kenapa michael jackson..?

(Why Michael Jackson….asking for a reason)


(Why I become a muslim? Providing a reason)

B. Mengapa akses firefox saya lambat?

(Why is my access to firefox slow? Asking for a reason)

C. Mengapa King Kong digunakan untuk nama Kera atau Monyet Raksasa?

(Why is King Kong used to name Ape or Giant Monkey? Asking for a reason)

Preempting ancient skepticism that the above are online examples,

I ran through Jendela Bahasa (EPB 2003), the Malay textbooks for secondary 2Express.

All the Why-questions are constructed with Mengapa in Book 2(B) containing comprehension 9 to 16.

Nowhere was Kenapa noticeable.


Kenapa mereka berdiri?

Kenapa mereka berdiri?

My preliminary conclusion: kenapa is mengapa’s informal incarnation (why).

Cikgu Sew


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