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For My Malay Students

For My Malay Students

A question from last week’s learning was

since sekejap = for a while hence untuk sekejap may be redundant.

1.       To explain sekejap in English it is inevitable to use for i.e. for while; because while means something else.

Hence untuk sekejap is perfectly alright because it means for a short duration.

Here is an online example by a native speaker, the title of the post is exactly to feel happy for sekejap

Untuk sekejap could be an emphasis meaning just for a while

Sila datang sekejap (please come for a while)

Sila datang untuk sekejap (please come just for a while)

This concerns that the construction:

Barang ini sangat mahal sekali.  Which is correct.

But imagine this:

You say it to a shirt seller who quote $18 for a T_shirt

Baju ini sangat mahal sekali.

It doesn’t make sense in the real world for the price to be described in this way.

In fact Baju ini sangat mahal reflects a sense of exaggeration.

Normally we would say (harga) Boleh kurang? ((Price) can go less)

Hence sangat is sufficient to say very X


My examples for sangat mahal sekali in class was a bar of chocolate costing $5000 as a gold bar could be cheaper.


In another learning episode:

We should have lunch for a while (q. 5 on p. 16)

Kita mesti makan tengah hari bersama


Although for a while = sekejap,

the point is not about how long we should have lunch together but simply we should get together


I want to stop for a while = Saya mahu berhenti sekejap (p. 16)

I want to shower is Saya mahu mandi then why I want to stop has a ber- ?


Stop = henti as either before or after an ongoing process

Berhenti implies there is an ongoing activity may it be travelling in the taxi (mobile) or studying (static)

Berhenti puts a stop to an ongoing activity:  Saya mahu berhenti sekejap (I want to stop from doing it for a while)


Terima kasih



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