Dollah masuk hospital selepas sesak nafas semasa perlawanan

Menari dan Bermain Muzik
Menari dan Bermain Muzik

The title of this entry is the headline in Berita Harian the local Malay Daily

It means ‘Dollah enter hospital after difficulty breathing during match’

We hope the former national player will be fine.

Pak Dollah was known as the Raja Gelek

Raja = King and Gelek = twist

So he dribbles the football with good twisting skills in the field.

There are a few Malay words in Straits Times over the week end.

Gila = mad

the word is also used by Leon Tan in TA7 to form a sentence in relation to adik younger sibling.

Mad in this context is crazy used by Hosain Leong on creating gila lines in his stand-up comedy

Two more words were berseru and bersatu

satu is one > bersatu is to unite

seru is to say out loud > berseru is to utter with might

Both are found in the National Anthem Majulah Singapura

Maju = move forward or progress; lah- = emphatic marker

Someone interviewed in The Sunday Times thought majulah was a *lion 

‘no-no, no-no….’

original line in ‘So What’ co-written and performed by Pink 2008

Cikgu Sew


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