Murah Hati

Selamat Pagi

Murah hati is found on p. 9 literally means cheap heart or generous

Hence not all cheap things are bad, that’s capitalist-consumerist mentality.

Cheap is a good adjective with high value in many Malay cultural practices.  Here some more examples captured in specific terms:

murah senyum = cheap smile > full of smiles

murah budi = cheap manners > full of manners

murah jasa = cheap deeds > full of service (for the community)

In TB4 one student suggested that I put up the audio files for free listening.

I cannot do this because of these reasons:

1. It’s infringing the copy rights

[imagine i purchase the rights to view your diary for $20 and make it available to all for free]

2. When we make things free learners may not appreciate them and tend to take them lightly.

3. You can read the texts and listen to your pronunciation, two kinds of learning with one conscientious act.

4. You could and should practice to listen beyond an audio file, try Suria, Warna station in Malay, daily encounters and listen to your friends.


Terima kasih

Cikgu Sew


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