-kan and kelmarin

TB 7 asked a good question when they read p. 9 of the reading material.

Sonny: …….Apa lagi yang anda berikan kepadanya?

There should not be -kan as per original version on p. 53 in Colloquial Malay (NY: Routledge) of both 1995 and 2005 editions.

Following today’s discussion,  the spelling for day before yesterday is:


This word is provided with three meanings in the authentic Malay dictionary Kamus Dewan (1997)

1. yesterday

2. day before yesterday

3. a few days ago

We shall adopt meanings 2 and 3 in our learning.


Kelmarin was found in Malay Phrasebook but the author and the person who revised the first version only provides yesterday as its meaning. 

We use semalam to mean yesterday or last night in our context.

 In Chapter One of Naomi S Baron’s book, Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World (2008, Oxford U. Press), a catholic priest was quoted as saying that conscience is like an email sent by God to the brain to show how commonplace digital understanding is being adapted into daily references in casual and formal interaction.

Since this is fleshed out through personal effort we would like any rectification made from reading this to acknowledge the effort as clearly it is not God-sent or an introspective realization.

JW Sew 2009 28 Sept.

Manager of Malayjournal1.wordpress.com

Once again we are grateful to wordpress.com, a wonderful platform.



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