The Missing Translation on p. 10 of Bahan Bacaan

Kepada semua pelajar.

Berikut ialah kata-kata Polis dan Pelancong yang hilang dalam Di mana Taman Haiwan?


Policeman:  From here, you go straight until you reach the MRT Station.  You can take the train to Tanah Merah.  Alight at Tanah Merah dan take a train to City Hall Station.  From there can go to Ang Mo Kio station.  You can take Bus 138 to Mandai from Ang Mo Kio station.



Policeman:   Sure, you drive along expressway PIE exit at Bukit Timah and expressway BKE and straight to Mandai.  


Tourist:  Oh it’s like that?  very far.  Never mind, thank you.


Policeman: You are welcomed.  Don’t worry.  Take a cab and straight away to Mandai.


Cikgu Sew


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