how to upload a pic

aeroplane in thr sea

aeroplane in the sea

Pada pukul lima pagi, saya pergi ke kawasan itu.
Dia tidak datang pada hari itu.
Saya tidak faham mengapa. 
Dia sakit? Dia sibuk? Dia bekerja? Dia masih tidur? 
Mengapa dia tidak datang…..

2 thoughts on “how to upload a pic

  1. Hi Cikgu Sew,
    Just wanna ask that for our malay blog, is it ok if we use some words we havnt learnt? For example, there are some words that i want to write but i search them up from the dictionary. Thanks.

    • Selamat pagi Nathalie

      Yes but perhaps you want to send me the words and phrases in which they appear.
      May be i can suggest what we already know as a replacement by means of different phrasing.

      Terima kasih, cikgu

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