Project Blogging LAM1201

Selamat petang Here’s a summary of next week’s lecture:

Steps to a good blog in 3 mins.

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Sign up now

3.  Use lower case for user name

4.  Fill in the rest

5.  Log into the email account

6.  Look for email sent to you from WordPress

7.  Confirm your request for the blog

8.  The Dashboard is the CPU of your blog:

9.   Try uploading a picture or video clip

10.  You may write, save, edit & publish a Malay entry.  

11.  The use of any online source must indicate its html.


How to Blog for Project LAM 1201

1.     Snap your digital photo via mobile phone or digital camera or

2.     Scan a personal picture or

3.     Draw a picture using online tools

4.     Save it in jpeg and gif formats (maximum two per entry)

5.     Upload and write a Malay entry with it.

6.     Pair work is allowed

7.     Write as many as you like but submit only one entry for the Project

8.     Submission of project on 22 Oct. 2009 by 10 pm:

9.     A URL of a blog entry with a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 80 Malay words, based on an embedded digital photo or video clip or comic stripes.


Terima kasih, Selamat Blogging

Cikgu Sew


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