Summary of First Tutorial, Etc.

Dear Tutorial B

Recall some of the useful phrases?

1. Sila jawab dalam bahasa Melayu; hence Sila duduk, Sila datang, Sila minum, Sila makan etc.

2. Apakah ini?

3.  X-kah?  Ya, X.

Remember to greet (Selamat Pagi…) follow by information offering (Nama saya…) then Enquire (Nama X siapa?)

There is a Malay phrase in The Sunday Times’ column by I. Low’s on 30 Aug. 09: 

tak senonoh = not decent

Another Malay word by F. Chan on Sunday is guru (teacher or expert).

Terima kasih




3 thoughts on “Summary of First Tutorial, Etc.

  1. Maaf Cikgu,

    I happen to come across this word, “perliharaan”. May I know what it means and how to use it in context?

    Terima Kasih.

    • Dear Melisa

      Perlihara means to raise (animate beings) or keep as pet.

      So we can say

      Anak or burung perliharaan Encik Ali baik-baik sekali.

      Children or birds raised or keep by Mr Ali are very good.

      Terima kasih, cikgu.

      • the use of ‘or’ in the above example is meant as an explanation to your query and its Malay equivalent is atau, of course.


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