Assessments for TA and TB LAM1201

Dear All

TA assessments include a dialog, quiz and blog

The Malay dialog between 4 or 3 should not be more than 12 mins in Week 10.

Criteria: Clarity (1-5), Diction (1-5), Content (1-5) and Cooperation (1-5)

The Quiz  concerns Sentence formation Spelling, grammar and vocabulary (5 x 2) in Week 9,

The Blog entry submitted in week 10 is between 50-80 words based on a digital photo, comic stripes or video clip.

Grammar-Sentence (1-5) Spelling- Address (Terms (1-5)-Vocabulary (Adjective, Nouns) (1-5), Content Intelligence ((1-5), Digital form-Content Relation (1-5)

TB Assessment is a test based on Listening and Vocabulary 28/28 x 20m.

Terima kasih

Cikgu Sew


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