Selamat Datang Welcome LAM 1201 Tutorial 2 (0.45 hr) X 7 classes

Salam Semua (Regards [to] All)

Here is the lesson for all TB LAM1201 beginning next week onwards, which will be under my tutelage:


Week 24 Aug to 6 Nov /Scope

Learning Activities Say in Malay

Week 3 Pelajaran 1:  

 Maaf, cikgu m.s. 2

anda is on p. 9 of Bahan Bacaan

0. Kenal  Kawan Anda

     [know your friend]

Nama saya ……………

[turn to your friend and say]

Nama anda/awak/kamu  siapa? [15 min.]

 [What is your name?]

We use siapa for asking one’s name, not apa


1. Based on the material Maaf, Cikgu

1.a Class is divided into two for

1a.1 Relay conversation  [15 min]  

1a.2 Chain conversation                                 

Repeat the questions with different objects as the answer [15 min]

Terima kasih

Salam, Cikgu [Teacher] Sew

P.S. Nama saya Cikgu Sew;  nama anda/awak/kamu siapa?


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