Late Evening Queries

A student had raised these queries, which I post for enhancement and reaffirming some points already mentioned:

1) is dibius cinta tested for our the exam format, u didn mention bout it..if it is, hw wil it be tested?


Answer: No.  It is mentioned in the class blog.


2) will the proverbs be given in the exam? then we jus hv to choose n write senetences usin it ist?


Select from the list to fill in the blanks. You need to know how a particular one fits correctly into the cloze.


3) hw to say ‘of’ in malay eg, places of interest?


Tempat yang menarik.  Sometimes translation might not work.  Perhaps yang is of here, Tempat menarik is fine too.


E.g.  Tempat-tempat (yang) menarik tidak banyak di negara itu

       Places of interest are not abundant in that country. 


4) if i want to say how many children u hv, do i say berapa banyak anak awak? or berapa anak awak? mus the banyak be included?


The English version should be: How many kids do you have?


Awak ada berapa orang anak?



5) late is lambat in malay ther anotha wrd for it, lewat? coz i saw it in 1 of ur lect notes?



Lambat = slow

Lewat = late


5a. Awak datang lambat (you came late {secondary meaning})


5b. Awak datang lewat (you came late)   



5c. Jangan lambat (Don’t be slow)


5d. Jangan lewat (Don’t be late)


Terima kasih



6 thoughts on “Late Evening Queries

  1. For the 2nd question, do you mean that for the proverbs section, it is fill in the blank? (meaning the list of proverbs will be provided during the exam)

  2. Dear Cikgu,

    I would like to ask about the written task. How is it graded? Like the criteria. For example, if you use little vocabulary but sentence structure and grammar are okay, will you be marked down because of the lack of vocabulary?

    Terima Kasih.


    • Dear Joanne

      The marking criteria is language:

      grammar and structure [8], content: relevance & elaboration [5], interestability [2]

      If others have more words and relevant subtopics, the less elaborate piece might be compared down.


  3. Dear Cikgu,

    Does perlahan-lahan also mean late? Is it interchangeable with lambat? Or will it be used in a different context, perhaps “slowly”? Terima kasih!

  4. Dear Carmen

    Perlahan-lahan is slowly:

    Dia makan perlahan-lahan or Ali berjalan perlahan-lahan ke sekolah
    S/he eats slowly or Ali walks slowly to school.

    Of course context will dictate new meaning:

    Perlahan-lahan seperti kura-kura. Cepat sedikit, boleh tak?
    Slow like a tortoise. Be fast a little, alright? (Faster please).

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