Socrates Says

Dear All

Sarah has been a consistent learner a la Socrates style.  We thank her for her consistent enquiry for information.  Here are some that may assist learning for all.

1.  Will “Dibius cinta” be tested for the final exam?  Answer:  N0.

2. If I wanna say “most expensive/most beautiful/etc etc.”, should it be “terbanyak _____” or “Paling _____” or “terlebih ______” ? The online dictionary and my dictionary book gives different words.



Paling followed by the adjectives is the correct form:


Paling mahal [most expensive]

Paling cantik [most gorgeous]

Paling baik [the best]


Terbanyak = most:   usually found at the end of the sentence.


Dia ada wang terbanyak.

S/he has the most money [context: refering to the most thrifty]


Terlebih = more than required.


Makanan ini terlebih garam:  this food is over salted.


The second question is more fun to answer because the first question was pointed out in the lecture.

Anyway, both are shareable for learning sake and may them alleviate learning stress.

Terima kasih dan selamat belajar.








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