A WiSe Man? Sigmund Says

My sister emailed me two thoughts of the day this morning.  One of which is:

A wise man, whether happy or sad, will not express his feeling too overly. {Let’s translate this in Malay}

Orang pandai, gembira atau sedih/duka, tidak akan tunjuk perasaannya dengan jelas/nyata.

{Duka is in the lyrics bukan cinta biasa}

Reflection: I overtly pointed out some of my favourite blogs which may inevitably generate displease  in group learning.

Favourite blogs, however, meant that the entries left an impact to the reader.

The impact ranges happy, nostalgic, intelligent, enlightening, sorrow & visionary.

This doesn’t equate to high scoring as connection with digital form, repetition, spelling errors, semiotics of presentation, independent merit (with little assistance) and grammar are yet to be factored in.

It has been decades that advice not to be overtly obvious is regularly heard. 

Well, acting otherwise is not easy, try going against honesty…if it is still there.

Perhaps to some, secondary process is replacing primary process with conscious response too soon when a praise is expressed.

Should pay more attention to primary process….and need to add a new meaning to orang pandai WiSe-mAn

Must write a book on orang pandai, again writing about it need not mean I’m acting like one…oh perhaps I should…:)



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