Strait Times Interactive on Malay

An article on people learning Teochew in Straits Times on 7 Apr generated some comments online.  We are interested in the Malay words used by the netizens:

I was told that ‘suka’ is a borrowed word from teochew. Is it so. posted 7 April
in Teochew, ‘sharing” is ‘kong si’ or ‘sio karn’ . . . . eg ‘ share to eat ‘ = ‘ kong si chiak’ or ‘ sio karn chiak ‘ . . . posted 7 April
“suka” is borrowed from malay word lah, it means “like, like it, liking” posted 8 April
We can confirm that:
suka = like
kongsi = share
Both are Malay words
In preparation for exam format here are meanings for these words in Malay:
suka = senang hati
kongsi = bahagi (divide) bersama (together)
Buat Ayat (Make sentence)
1. Saya suka makan nasi goreng di pasar.
     I  like to eat fried rice at the market.
2.  Mereka tidak [ber]kongsi mee ayam itu dengan bapa mereka
      They do not share that the chicken noodle with their father.
Please keep learning by using the language through blogging, speaking & writing.

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