Half Way Through TA6’s Blogging Project

I have covered 50% of the blogs from TA6.  This online interlude is intentional so there is a mental break to ward off fatigue and impatience that might be inevitable with contiguous checking.  However, I have looked at all the blogs and the few which I clicked at were very good as the content sticks to the short simple and sweet principles.  The learning bloggers who were normally quite reserved blogged well in Malay as the ideas flow fluently. 

Ok, so I saw them all.  Well, curiosity checks on the blog.  At first glance, the last few blogs of TA 6 appeared to be unique, refreshing and captivating especially those who subscribed to the short simple and sweet maxim.  The experience is sweetening enough to want to get back online for now…watch this (virtual) space…..

Although I had not finished yet, my favourite entry for reflection on online learning thus far is Eileen Po’s blog:


Shall be back tomorrow. If you blur don’t check if you check don’t blur…shall stop now as my vision is blury…excuse to log out (1822 April 8)

Ok Back in action 9 April

I still have 5 more to go  but found two separate entries very interesting:

For narrative it is Ng Li Wei’s entry: http://myspace1408.wordpress.com/

The narrative is funny with clear ideas presented in simple phrases.  The learner found a description for her eyes.  The narrative is free of mistakes in both grammar and spelling.  It is easy to get a sense of carefully edited sentences in which the learner reads and weeds her text.  This allows a reader a firm comprehension upon first reading.  It should be noted that this learner did not request for preview and deal with narrative making head-on.

I also find the reflection in Janet Lim’s blog informative and clearhttp://littlemissungu.wordpress.com/

The entry on online learning is clear with good reflection on issues with online learning.  While the learner can check up meanings online she also has to verify the meaning with other dictionaries online.  The learner benefits from listening to songs and the result of her language acquisition is to chat in Malay online.  Sentences in this entry are well phrased and words are carefully chosen toward informed reading. 

All done!.  The blogs of TA6 are equally high standard.  Many shown interest in writing narratives and reflections.  The reflections on learning in particularly are very well thought.  Well done.





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