My favourite BLOG from TA5

I need to teach in 15 minutes.  Have completed reading and checking all the blogs in TA5 which took more than 48 hours to reach an even distribution of sequential assessment.

My favourite blog in TA 5 is Chen Li Ling’s blog:

Here are my comments:

This is by far the best blog entry on reflection.  Not only learning well digitally she encourages her friends who learn other languages to blog as a way of learning a language.  The sentences are grammatical and express the ideas with full clarity.  This makes me want to believe I have a part in the process.

The narrative is impactful in that it makes me recall my hostel days.   On how to plan ahead including laundry time, study and movie sessions.  This goes on to show that the expressions in Malay is effective.  The thinking of the author is clearly defined.  The narrative shows that the student is talented in language acquisition and digital tools lend an advantage to meet her learning interest. 

Overall the standard of project by TA5 is very high.  The commitment of the students is visible either in their reflections or narratives.


 ps. Shall assess projects from TA6 in the 48 to 54 hours.






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