Week 11 What Will Happen?

Dear All

Oral assessment kicks in next week.

After this week’s coaching I will say nothing while watching and grading my TA6 and TA5 present Malay acquisition orally.

The eleventh week is a celebration if you have zero knowledge of Malay at the beginning and could now stand tall saying, reprimanding, cajoling, persuading, influencing others in Malay. 



Next week, the Malay students of LAM1201 will be busy making magic and minding:

1. Clarity so all could hear and understand what you say
2. Collaboration so the development of oral is smooth and comfortable to follow
3. Content so there is a right amount of plot to share
4. Diction the corrected words and phrases from this week. 
Lecture-wise, we shall look at grammar in written more carefully avoiding communicative pitfalls.

The Malay flow is as follows:

Masa tunggu 5 min.

Masa Kuliah bahagian satu 40 min

Masa rehat 5 min.

Masa Kuliah bahagian dua 30 min.

Terima kasih



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