Completion of Oral Practice of TA5

Selamat Petang

TA5 put up great oral practice with creativity and fun today in the evening:

Kumpulan Gadis Kelakar went shopping and ended with one working for the shop keeper to redeem an expensive dress with a Happy Ending

Kumpulan Rockers illustrate what bunga bukan sekaki, kumbang bukan seekor means in their presentation.

Kumpulan Kuasa shows a misconception in a family that is intricately complex

Kumpulan Pisang Goreng highlights the joy of birth convincing all that baby is adorable and fun.

Kumpulan Musim Bunga illustrates that is better to be save than to be sorry. 

All have shown good extension of ideas and use of physical space by showing so much with bare minimum.

Judging from the audience’s response, the favourite practice is Pisang Goreng.



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