Oral Practice Completed with TA6

Selamat Tengah Hari

Very encouraged with TA6 who has put in the effort for Oral Practice today, which serves as a testing ground on Malay acquisition thus far:

Kumpulan Berjumpa Ibu Bapa Teman Lelaki kicks start a drama that spans from house to market to bed room portraying a typical who would you save: me-or- your-mother dilemma.  All done in Malay!  (Do consider to trim a bit at the beginning).

Kumpulan Soto Ayam binds Malay learning as a pretext to get near to a friend’s daughter through the video clip Dibius Cinta.

Kumpulan Hari Valentine yang Malang points out that love is costly with a $1000 ring stucked on the finger and a nasty dinner. 

Kumpulan Culik Palsu shows that father knows it all as the fake kinapper’s invention fails to fetch the ransom losing to the tune of nasi padang.

Kumpulan Kucing Bertiga reminds that foreign workers are part of nation development and need to be accorded with acceptance.

Well Done! and keep it Short Sweet and Simple.

Judging from the response of audience, the favorite team in this preview is Culik Palsu as the orators have proven that LESS IS MORE.

Some differences in vocabulary

1.  Tahu (know) vs. Tahun (year)

2. Ada (have) vs. Anda (you)

3. hasil penemuan (discovery product)

4. sangat sayang (love dearly)

5. dolar (dollar)

6. tempat (place) vs. daerah (district)

7. Jawab (answer)



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