Written & Listening Test LAM1201

Dear All

Selamat petang

There shall be a common mini asessment, written followed by listening test during lecture in week 10 (see IVLE).

A common mini-assessment is a standardization effort deemed appropriate by the predecessors of the module.

To systematize the process the scripts shall be collected back in three clusters:

Cluster 1: TA1-TA2, Cluster 2: TA-3-4-5, Cluster 3: TA6-TA7

Students must signed the namelist as evidence of submission.

Nobody is to leave until the scripts are accounted for according to the numbers of each cluster.

The assessment commences at 4:10 pm 26 Mar LT 14 with or without your presence. 

Please make you urgent effort and sit between empty chair.

At tertiary level, each individual is responsible for their privacy during assessment.

The scope is based lecture 1-6.

The written test is fill-in the blanks with no choices. 410-440 pm.

The listening is fill-in the blanks with no choices based on listening stimulation on air. 445pm – 505 pm.

Sign in and counting (15 min.).  Asssement to end at 525-530pm.

Absence is equivalent to 0% for the components.

Terima kasih



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