TA 5 & 6 & Lecture 8

Dear All

2  parts for my tutorial:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS4-dOtZ-Xw 

Students will listen and pronounce colors in Malay.

Other students please follow the link for practice.

They will also construct original sentences with these color terms.

Part 2

There will be a bag of surprise

Each item is related to a proverb

Each group picks one and generates a story based on the proverb metaphorized by the object.

A story festival is in the making.

Students use question words, conjunctions, address terms, verbs to narrate.

Lecture will progress with IVLE’s material

The content expands one’s

1. Digital learning: How and Why

2. Malay vocabulary: Extension

3. Creativity

Come with inquisitive mind and expect interactivity

This lecture is a form of fun learning maximizing language acquisition stress free.



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