Hanya Khabar Angin

Selamat Pagi

Road Map to Remainder of LAM1201 With Ease

Week 7


Malay Sayings

Samples of Ronaldinho is shared



Discussion may be considered as material for Narrative blog entry

TA5 & TA6 on soccer




Example of project is shared

Students should create a blog entry with digital form

Week 8


Malay MTV

This is a relaxing sharing of aligning Malay with current situation in pop culture


Tutorial is creative use of Malay


TA5 & 6 proceed with schedule

Lecture Experience serves as input for reflective online learning as part 2 of the project


Oral preparation in progress

Week 9


Revisiting Prefixes and refreshing Malay vocabulary

Tutorial per schedule


Students to revise for assessment in week 10

Oral preparation in progress


Week 10

(no lecture)


Test: Written & Listening


Oral practice commences in TA

Student fine tune and remove glitches for oral

Week 11


Written Malay


Actual Oral Assessment Experience may be incorporated to blogging (plus & weakness)

Completion of Project and submission of URL on 31 Mar

Week 12


Modes of Expression

Hands on Experience



Any remaining oral to be done may use this slot

TA & TB Tutors to submit their input for CA


No marks will be disclosed to students as of CLS policy


Week 13


Revision and Exam Scope

Enhancement of learning

In tutorial

Students prepares for exam, Confidently


 “the module may be a threat to my CAP”,

1. Analyze these

10% Oral which is a group work not alone

10% Project may be alone or in group

20% grammar based on the first six week’s learning

10% listening based on a material in IVLE

10% class participation

2. The CA has not even begun isn’t threat a creative imagination

3. The module is lifeless:  the learner owns it, the learner makes it an advantage

4. In conclusion, the quotation above Hanya Khabar Angin (see IVLE Student Assignment on Ronaldinho)

Terima kasih



2 thoughts on “Hanya Khabar Angin

  1. Dear Cigku,

    regarding Hanya Khabar Angin word file that is uploaded into IVLE, I would like to ask regarding 1. in both Malay and English. In 1., it says “… dalam empat ayat.” (in Malay), but in the English translation, it says “… in 3 sentences.” I believe that empat means 4 in Malay.

    Regards, Liyi

  2. Yes empat is not three it’s four.

    Hence we shall set the range of three to four lines to accommodate both.

    terima kasih

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