Mid-Semester Reflection on LAM1201

By now, students would have a better understanding of the following

A.      Basic greetings in Malay

B.      Time sense and periods of day, week, year

C.       Statements to describe basic actions with actor and verb

D.         Framing action in past, present or future

E.   Linking 2 statements to either contrast or combine

F.    Recognize Basic Color terms in Malay

G.   Negating nouns, verbs or adjectives to confirm the actual

H.  Address a person according to age,  gender and kinship

I.    Numeral Manipulation: birthdays, phone number, I/C, address, Bus number and special dates

J.  Tell a basic story of 50-70 words with 5 to 10 Malay sentences

K.  How to ask for information using question words

L.    Understand specific Malay word order to state meaning



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