JW Sew’s Oral Grouping Criteria for Order

Dear TA 5 and TA6

Please send your group and oral topic via comment section, also specify your TA group.

The oral topic could be tentative and you may still change it later.

Here is a simplified criteria breakdown:

Criteria / Scale

Not Good  1

Improving 2

Good 3

Very Good 4

Excellent 5


Fail to Understand


Clear pronunciation

Accurate Intonation

Intonated with emotion


Vague Ideas

Disorganized Ideas

Sequential Ideas

Elaborated Ideas

New Relevant Ideas


Mismatch of Styling*

Minimal Styling

Accurate Styling

Creative Styling

Groundbreaking Approach


No prior preparation

Vague mutual consensus

Good Discussion

Mutual Assistance

Mutual Enhancement

*Styling refers to embodiment of meaning which includes pointing, starring, gazing, smiling, and other forms of bodily gestures and movements that accentuate communication and improve interactivity.


Here is a full-fledged criteria on Lisan Bahasa Melayu for interested parties:

Extended Oral Criteria:

Markah 5: Cemerlang

Markah 4: Menarik

Markah 3:    Baik

Markah 2:       Lulus

Markah 1:     Belum Lulus


Malay ideas expressed clearly with good intonation 

 Audible Malay sentences expressing clear ideas  

 Audible Malay sentences yet unclear ideas 

 Audible Malay sounds yet in-comprehensible




Selected words describing ideas in a variety of sentence patterns 

Simple words to describe ideas in grammatical sentences

Simple words in meaningful grammatical Malay sentences

Wrong choice of words with incorrect phrases

Ungrammatical sentences  resulting in mistaken messages   


Kosa Kata

Topic is illustrated intelligently with elaboration and humor or confidence   

 Topic is described with clear and accurate elaboration

 Topic is divided into portions and presented accordingly 

 Express the topic with succinct Malay sentences

Not sure what is the topic.



While managing the topic speakers highlight upcoming or previous ideas to re-orientate and manage the floor.

Speakers manage the flow by referring to one another as they chart the course of the presentation

 Speakers support each other with confidence to present the ideas 

Speakers share the topic equally

 Apologetic speakers for errors (verbal and order of ideas)




12 thoughts on “JW Sew’s Oral Grouping Criteria for Order

  1. Dear Cikgu,

    my group is fine with the Group Name and Topic. But i can’t find the meaning of ‘gadis’. I only managed to find ‘kelakar’ which means joking.

    Yen Lin

  2. Dear Kuasa Perempuan

    Sessi > Sesi

    Tajuk: Sesi Ibu Bapa [di Sekolah]

    Adding the location completes the context for those who might not be familiar with local school system.

    terima kasih

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