More On -kah

Selamat pagi

1.       –Kah makes a phrase a question.

2.       –kah is attached to the focus of question:


2a. Focus on Identity in the query


Diakah abang awak? (is he your brother?)


2b Focus on ownership in the query


Dia abang awakkah? (Is he your brother?)


2c. focus on name


Siapakah nama awak ?  (What is your name?)


2d. Confirm the name


Nama awak Ramlikah? (is your name Ramli?)


2e  Focus on  price


Berapakah harga barang ini?  (How much is this thing?)


2f  Confirming the price


Harga barang ini sepuluh dolarkah? (Is this thing ten dolar?)



Notice that the –kah attaches to dolar instead of ten because the price comes in dolar i.e. ten dolar not just ten.



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