Make Ups for TA5 & TA6

Salam kepada semua:

I have emailed those in TA 5 and TA6 on the details of make-up lessons.  If you are one of those you should have the email by now.

During tutorials you will do:

1. Self introduction in Malay.  State:

a. What is your name

b. Where do you live (tinggal)

c. What do you like (suka)

The above is said to be important according to students who did not get the chance to do it.

So it is a ritual that you get the spotlight.

You may ask anything that you are not clear of during the lectures.

You may comment on this now in the blog if you like.

The second part of the tutorial is a quick listening of Malay numbers and their various combinations.

Then you can say something concerning numbers i.e. your age, block no. mobile, I/C or the bus number you are taking to school etc.

Terima kasih



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