Selamat Tahun Baru Cina

Buah-buah limau pada Tahun Baru Cina

Buah-buah limau pada Tahun Baru Cina,3617,134510,00.html?

Important learning

1. Please ackhowledge the source of material unless it is your own. 

2. Creative rights must be acknowledged when uploading digital forms.  

3.  Linking the narrative to a site via html is acceptable.

4. If the owner deletes the picture a lost of 5 marks is at stake.  Wiser to click a photo; or credit the creator of an uploaded material. 

5.  What is orange in Malay

Orange is limau as a fruit but jingga (or oren) as a colour in Malay.

6. Tell me about -kah.  Here is the explanation:

-kah is attached as emphasis in the Malay question.


Diakah abang awak?

(Is he your brother?)


–kah focus on the pronoun to confirm the kinship.


-kah makes ada a question word:


Ada + kah = adakah Are/Is it….?




Adakah ini ibu awak?

Is this your mother?


Ada seorang ibu muda di hospital. 

A young mother is  in the hospital [have someone]


Notice that the classifier for mother ibu:

se + orang (one + human)


We do not use *di mana kantinkah as

we are sure of the reference [kantin]


The query concerns  direction,

i.e. mana [where].


Hence,  -kah goes with mana:


Dimanakah kantin?

Where is the kantin? {emphasis provided}

Terima kasih



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