Update from Yesterday’s lecture

Dear All

Updates from yesterday’s discussions:

1.  Typos:

*Stesyen > Stesen

*Professor > Profesor

2. On ….-nya

May sangat cantik. (May is very pretty)

Dia ada mata yang besar.  (She has big eyes)
Telinganya kecil.  (Her ears are tiny)

A student pointed out that:

Itu kelas Sains Politiknya should be Kelas itu Sains Politiknya

Please note that:

Itu kelas Sains Politiknya is correct referring to that kelas is his class of Political Science

This is a contextualized reference, notice the -nya refering to a previously established reference.

The suggestion should be: Kelas itu kelas Sains Politiknya

(That class is his Political Science class)

The difference here is

a reflexive reference Itu kelas Bahasa Melayu

That is the Malay class [X: Xn]) vs.

a stative reference  Kelas itu kelas Bahasa Melayu

That class is a Malay class [X = Xn]

Please feel free to comment on the blog for any discussion.

Please use WordPress as it includes comment with the original text on the same page

Blogspot excludes original text from comment hence impossible to refer to the data while commenting.

Why same form different sound?

Encik vs Mak Cik

[encek] vs. [mak. cik]

Contrast a bi-syllabic word with two independent words in mind

The first word goes through vowel lowering en#cik > en#cek in pronunciation.

The second word enjoys full breath on each subword Mak + Cik

The isu here is natural organization of pronunciation between:

 a word of two syllables and a word of two subwords.

Terima kasih



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