Second Lecture

Selamat Petang

Kita akan belajar bersama-sama esok (we will learn together tomorrow)

I am aware that one will not be attending due to campus commitment.

Please read the note and email me if there is anything not clear.

I am blogging what will only be informed in the lecture.

The note is relevant as a section on Malay pronouns is in the final assessment.

What will be added to learning come tomorrow include (not necessary examinable):

Aku has a simplified form Ku (check out the MTV)

Engkau has a simplified form Kau (ibid.)

While dia refers to he or she ia refers to it (animal, thing, unidentifiable beings, unknown situation), e.g.

Ia sangat cantik vs Dia sangat baik

It is very pretty vs S/he is very good.

Terima kasih


Tomorrow’s order:

A. 5-min. wait time

B. 50-min. lecture

C. 5-min. break

D. 15-min. Naming interactivity based on slide 17 in lecture note

E. 15-min. Oral demo

How to ask anything you don’t understand:

1. Tell me now: call 65163332 (caution: might be teaching, tutoring, lunching, bio-breaking, meeting, librarying)

2. Need to know: email clssjw

3. Just want to know: comment on the blog

4. Tell me later: Wait lor

5. Never mind: Forget it. 😛


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